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The English Heart

Returning from Africa, handsome, saturnine Andre seeks a quiet house in the country. He buys the family home of Marie, who lives in the cottage next door with her husband Jake. Quiet country matters fly out the window when both Marie and Jake fall for Andre. Against the background of the 2016 referendum the three hammer out a sizzling solution.

See below for reviews.

Reviews for The English Heart

“Matthew Campling shows he has a biting wit and a wicked love for satire… Campling’s grasp of the snobbery attached to class, social climbing, political ignorance and pure ambition is cleverly woven into the script… The jokes that have a political value to them form the basis of a very clever exchange of dialogue. Campling’s obvious aptitude for the use of political metaphor is clearly on show... A timely play which is well worth a look and with a cast that have gelled together and pulled off a very amusing and sexy look at rural county living.” - Boyz ★★★★

“This is a robust and compelling production which deserves a wide audience. Or to put it another way, it’s strong and stable and should be seen by the many, not the few.” - LondonTheatre1 ★★★★

“The plot is believable and the actors are utterly convincing. The series of events are a perfect mix of naughtiness and general comedy which makes for a thoroughly entertaining play. It’s also a very intelligent exploration of the inner workings of relationships and the affects that attitudes can have upon others, along with the ever present pressure to stick to the status quo.” - At The Theatre 

“An entertaining and witty script, with energetic performances and wry political insight… This is an energetic, enthusiastic production which moves smoothly between comedy and intimacy without ever descending into farce. Clothes are shed and donned, passions raised and politics discussed. In the end the English heart is both broken and mended.” - EverythingTheatre   

The English Heart is funny… but there is a comforting feeling of vindication about it too.   You feel for [the] characters the kind of private sympathy you felt for the teacher when you were ten and your class was told off for collective misbehaviour that you were involved in, and quite enjoyed, but knew would end in tears.   Matthew Campling’s work is new to this reviewer, but I will seek out more of it.” - Eleanor Lewis

The English Heart is directed by Campling with vim and vigour, working with the cast to give us an upbeat and funny play about the pitfalls of forming preconceived assumptions about other people.” - British Theatre 

The English Heart, superbly written and directed by Matthew Campling, is a funny, political play about lust, love, sexuality and Brexit… a play that explores adultery, sexuality and lust in a refreshing way, fitting the current political climate perfectly with a great sense of humour.” - Theatre-News ★★★★

The English Heart is an excellent play, sexy as hell and very funny… Sometimes plays of this kind, having simple storylines with an ever changing, news dependant, background (in this case Brexit) can begin to drift and lose their interest. Not in this case. It starts off funny and gets even funnier as it goes on… Do go and see it before the political scene calms down, or Matthew is dragged away to Hollywood to become the new Woody Allen.” - West End Wilma ★★★★

“Matthew Campling has crafted a delightful piece which has humour, gags, drama and emotion. We get a decent and engaging plot, genuine journeys for the three characters to go on and zippy dialogue.” - Sue in the Stalls

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